Project Definition


The Twin-Mill Nut Farm is an experimental endeavor to develop a thriving walnut and fruit planting covering 20 acres of farmland near Emerald Nebraska.  It is experimental in the sense that the developers and workers of the project have essentially no prior experience in farming, ranching, or orchard development but wish to grow, harvest and sell walnuts and fruits over the short term (10 years) and high quality walnut timber in the long term (30-40 years).  The project entails learning by trial and error all aspects of growing, maintaining, harvesting and selling fruits, nuts and timber with limited capital.  The goal is to succeed despite those limitations.  At the start of this project blog/wiki (Oct 2010) there have been 646 walnut trees planted in 10 rows. 200 of these trees are now 4 years old and should start producing in about 4 years.

The Purpose (Mission)
  • A  Develop a high quality stand of timber quality nut trees
  • B  Develop a harvesting and sales strategy for nuts and fruits
  • C  Sell nuts and fruits while waiting for timber to mature

These are the targets we want to meet

  • A  Plant and maintain 2000 trees by 2013
  • B  Develop sales venues for nuts/fruits by 2012
  • C  Develop harvest/packaging/delivery methods by 2012
  • D  Begin initial harvest operations by 2015
  • E  Maintain trees till 2037 when timber harvesting will begin.

Measurable Objectives 2010-2011:

  1. Develop plan for next 10 rows (640 trees) to be implemented spring 2012
  2. Develop labor contract for maintenance of current trees
  3. Replace failed trees in spring 2011 (current count 54)
  4. Reseed clover/bluegrass inter-crop in spring 2011
  5. Develop and implement budget for equipment (tractor/sprayer) and materials